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PUSD Partners-In-Education 2014 Year-End Roundup

PIE 2014 Newsletter

Great Ways You Can Help Students And Teachers

female-student-female-tutor• Buy an extra notebook, a pack of pencils or a box of crayons for a classroom.
• Give a teacher a gift card to an office supply store.
• Help out on a class field trip.
• Help elect legislative leaders that support a robust educational system.
• Join the fight to secure higher pay for K-12 teachers.
• Read to a child after school.
• Donate to PUSD Partners in Education (PIE).
• Provide opportunities for teachers seeking summer employment.
• Offer teachers a discount on services or products at your business.
• Invite a PUSD PIE representative to speak at your association’s next meeting.
• Stay in the loop – sign up for our e-mail list on the Contact page.
• Tell a teacher how much you appreciate what they do.
Volunteer with PUSD-PIE.